We have an up-to-date calendar! http://makerworks.mit.edu/about/calendar/
Maker Mondays are at 7-8:30PM, Mondays, in 35-308.
Thanksgiving Week hours:
Monday (11/19)  5:45-7:45PM
Tuesday (11/20) 4:00-7:45PM
Please confirm your trainings for this week.
Fall 18 hours are:
Monday, Tuesday: 2:15PM-9:30PM
Wednesday, Thursday: 12:30-9:30PM
Friday: 12:30-4:15PM
contact: Julia Canning (jcanning@mit.edu) if you have any questions about Maker Monday trainings
Website updated on 9/17/18.

The mission of MIT MakerWorkshop is to foster a student community in a hands-on learning environment where modeling, prototyping, and validation resources coexist. MIT MakerWorkshop provides space and equipment for a community of innovators that focus on deterministic designing and problem solving.

About MIT MakerWorkshop

MIT MakerWorkshop is a student run makerspace where students, faculty, and staff are allowed to work freely on any project they choose. MIT MakerWorkshop consists of prediction, prototyping, and validation tools to support a wide variety of projects. More at our Member Wiki

Cost: Free to use, charges for some machines and materials.

Who Can Use: Mechanical engineering undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, professors, staff, and Martin Trust Center affiliates

How to Access:

  1. Attend Maker Monday to get trained on our policies and basic tools.
  2. Take Machine Specific Training to use more complex machines. Check in with a mentor each time you visit.

Accepted Projects: Research, class, personal technical projects, etc.

Fab Fridays: (User social) Friday 4:00-5:00pm

Capabilities: Mill, lathe, waterjet, laser cutters, 3D printers, hand tools, electronics tools, CAD/CAM and machine related software

Sponsor MIT MakerWorkshop – Your contributions help us keep the space open and running!