Flexure Lecture Materials

IMG_1348Mentor and resident flexure expert Marcel Thomas was generous enough to provide the materials from his flexure lecture on February 26th.  If you missed the lecture or would like to use the materials as reference, check out his presentation (.pdf |.pptx).  Please note Marcel’s description on the formatting:

Within the powerpoint, there are hyperlinks. When you run the slideshow, you can click on them and it takes you to different parts of the presentation. There is a navbar at the bottom where if you click on each section it will take you to the title slide of that section. If you click on the slide number, it will take you to the backup slide contents, which has links to all of the backup slides. One of the backup slides is a main contents slide, which has links to all of the slides in the main part of the presentation. This way, with just a couple of clicks, you can go to any slide in the presentation! The navbar and the slide template can be edited in the slide master.