3D Printer Charging Effective 4/25

Due to the unexpected popularity of 3D printing in MakerWorks, we have to begin charging for 3D printed parts, in order to keep filament stocked. This policy change will take effect on Apr 25, 2016. The charges will be at cost, just to cover the cost of the filament only.

The cost for 3D printing on the Zortraxes will now be:
3 cents/gram for parts 30g or more, including support materials. Parts under 30g are free.

– The weight will be measured on a scale by the mentor on duty when you pick up the part; it will not be based on the predicted weight in software.
– Users will be responsible for the cost of failed parts, unless the failure was caused by equipment issues.
– We can only accept payment by TechCash, although we can provide receipts for lab reimbursements.
Also, as a reminder, please fill out both the 3D printing parts survey each time you start a part, and put your name on the whiteboard by the printers.

If you have any questions about the policy, please email mw-3dprinter@mit.edu
Note from Louise (3D printer team):
Clarification: Fill out the whiteboard when you start your print, fill out the survey after you weigh your part. (Always fill out the survey, regardless if it is less than 30g, a partially completed part, etc. This is so we have an accurate record of filament usage.)
What does ~30g look like? Here’s a case for 6 AA batteries. It looks like:
Inline image 1
When I put this part in Z-Suite with the “Full” infill print setting, the estimated filament usage was around 45g x $0.03 = $1.35
If I changed the infill to “Light”, the estimated filament usage was
35g x $0.03 = $1.05
It’s always good to consider whether or not you need a high infill (e.g. for a structural component), because you could save MW some filament and save yourself ~20+% of the cost (depends on geometry) if your component is fine with a lighter setting.