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End of Term

UPDATE Tuesday 12/15/15 will be our LAST day open this semester.  Shop will be open standard hours.  MakerWorks will re-open for IAP on January 11 with potentially modified hours.  Stay tuned on our webpage for more information.

Holiday Wrap-Up.  Thank you for everyone who attended our final Fab. Friday of the Semester.  Looking forward to seeing the cookies that come out of your new cookie cutters!  We will be back to keep things Fab. in the Spring semester.  Happy Holidays!

Good luck “pounding” through final projects and finals!

Maker Cup Results!

Congratulations to our winners of the First Annual MakerCup! Thanks to everyone for some stellar contributions! Looking forward to another cup next year (perhaps we can even up the ante with our prizes 🙂 )!

Our graduate and undergraduate MakerCup Winners (Peter Chamberlain (Left) and Lauren Herring (Right)) show off their chalices. Peter won for his automation assisted walker project and Lauren for her laser cut buttress book ends.

Come make ornaments


UPDATE 11/30/15: Countdown to Cookie Cutter Fab. Friday..

Marshmallow sheets have been prepared and are ready to cut! We have four fun flavors for YOU to pair with your hot cocoa including (drum roll please): vanilla, almond, peppermint and maple.