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Limited Shop Access Tonight 4/26: 8-10pm

MakerWorks will be hosting 2.007 students in our shop from 8-10pm tonight 4/26.  The shop will remain open; however, work may be affected.  Be advised that 2.007 students will take priority during this time and mentors may suggest that you refrain from operations that require supervision (i.e. heavy machining, etc.).  Please respect our mentors and any policies put in place during this time as they are meant to ensure your safety.  Thank you for your patience.

3D Printer Charging Effective 4/25

Due to the unexpected popularity of 3D printing in MakerWorks, we have to begin charging for 3D printed parts, in order to keep filament stocked. This policy change will take effect on Apr 25, 2016. The charges will be at cost, just to cover the cost of the filament only.

The cost for 3D printing on the Zortraxes will now be:
3 cents/gram for parts 30g or more, including support materials. Parts under 30g are free.

– The weight will be measured on a scale by the mentor on duty when you pick up the part; it will not be based on the predicted weight in software.
– Users will be responsible for the cost of failed parts, unless the failure was caused by equipment issues.
– We can only accept payment by TechCash, although we can provide receipts for lab reimbursements.
Also, as a reminder, please fill out both the 3D printing parts survey each time you start a part, and put your name on the whiteboard by the printers.

If you have any questions about the policy, please email
Note from Louise (3D printer team):
Clarification: Fill out the whiteboard when you start your print, fill out the survey after you weigh your part. (Always fill out the survey, regardless if it is less than 30g, a partially completed part, etc. This is so we have an accurate record of filament usage.)
What does ~30g look like? Here’s a case for 6 AA batteries. It looks like:
Inline image 1
When I put this part in Z-Suite with the “Full” infill print setting, the estimated filament usage was around 45g x $0.03 = $1.35
If I changed the infill to “Light”, the estimated filament usage was
35g x $0.03 = $1.05
It’s always good to consider whether or not you need a high infill (e.g. for a structural component), because you could save MW some filament and save yourself ~20+% of the cost (depends on geometry) if your component is fine with a lighter setting.

Fab. Friday TMW 4-6pm: Office Hours + Webpage Workshop

It’s come to our attention that a lot of you haven’t realized that our mentors are here to not only to supervise but to help you with design problems. Join us TOMORROW from 4-6pm to get technical advice from our skilled mentors!
Tomorrow a group of MakerWorks mentors will be available in the front room to answer any design, class or technical questions that you may have.  Working on a design for a UROP that you would like to review?  Confused about some course material?  We have assembled mentors from a variety of backgrounds (see flyer) that are available to help!
In the back room, Marcel and Maha will be running a webpage workshop:
How to create your online design portfolio!
Learn everything you need to know to get started making a professional looking online design portfolio within minutes and for free! This tutorial will cover how to make the most of your free web space provided by MIT, how to quickly and easily install WordPress on your web space, and how to jump start into making a professional looking design portfolio, all managed seamlessly through WordPress.

Fab. Friday Race Day!

Fab. Friday is back this week.  With the marathon in mind, we are hosting our own race with… drum roll please… Lego cars!  Design and build your own Lego cars to race on our ramp in MakerWorks.  Winner will earn bragging rights and receive a trophy!  See details below.FabFridayFlyer_RaceDay

Equipment Donation from Analog Devices

A big thank you to Tom and Tony from Analog Devices (ADI)!  Yesterday, they brought us electrical measurement equipment including: oscilloscopes, signal generator (up to 1GHz), and power supplies.  This is the start to the new and improved MakerWorks electronics section.  We appreciate the donation ADI!


Upcoming Events + Giveaways: 4/1 and 4/7

Autodesk Fusion 360 Workshop
April 1
Given Lounge, 35-520

Want to make some cash as a student?  Mike from Autodesk will explain how you can make money off your CAD assemblies.  Join us to learn about the Autodesk Fusion 360 platform over free pizza.  Other giveaways will include bottle openers and free t-shirts for the first five students registered.  Register for the event here.

Getting Stuff Made – Elaine Chen
Getting Stuff Made - Elaine Chen
April 7

Interested in learning how to move from idea to prototype?  Prototype to production?  Start-up veteran and senior lecturer Elaine Chen will share her insights into “Getting Stuff Made.”  Register for the event here.

Flexure Lecture Materials

IMG_1348Mentor and resident flexure expert Marcel Thomas was generous enough to provide the materials from his flexure lecture on February 26th.  If you missed the lecture or would like to use the materials as reference, check out his presentation (.pdf |.pptx).  Please note Marcel’s description on the formatting:

Within the powerpoint, there are hyperlinks. When you run the slideshow, you can click on them and it takes you to different parts of the presentation. There is a navbar at the bottom where if you click on each section it will take you to the title slide of that section. If you click on the slide number, it will take you to the backup slide contents, which has links to all of the backup slides. One of the backup slides is a main contents slide, which has links to all of the slides in the main part of the presentation. This way, with just a couple of clicks, you can go to any slide in the presentation! The navbar and the slide template can be edited in the slide master.