Machine Specific Training

After becoming a member during Maker Monday, Machine Specific Training allows you to use equipment in the shop. Once you have completed the qualifier training for a machine, you receive a sticker for your badge, allowing you to use a specific machine.

Training Sign-Up Information

Missing Trainings Policy:

Training cancellation has to be done before 7PM the day before scheduled training. Any missed training without cancellation or last-minute cancellation with an appropriate reason or warning email will end up in a flag. A user who collected two flags will not be allowed to sign up for trainings for 6 months.

Mill and Lathe 
Formal training is required to use the mill and lathe.  Therefore, the below pre-requisites are needed for mill and lathe training:

  • undergraduates: 2.670, 2.810 (must be flashlight version) or Edgerton flashlight course
    • Note: 2.007/8 and 2.72 are not considered formal training
  • graduate students: flashlight course equivalent at another university

Since MW mentors are student volunteers and not formally trained machinists, we are unfortunately unable to offer formal training at this time.  We realize that this is a limitation.  If you do not fit the training criteria above and would still like to use the mill and/or lathe, please fill out this short survey here.  Your responses will help us gauge interest in the organization of additional formal training sessions.

Training Sign-Up
Signup Here (Signups close at 7 PM the night before trainings)

  • Sign up only for time slots that have been posted by mentors
  • If you cannot find a time, add your name to the waitlist at bottom. This is how we assess demand and know to create new training times, ONLY. The waitlist does not give you preference for newly posted slots.
  • Notice that some machines allow for multiple people to be trained at once
  • If you have persistent schedule conflicts with the posted times, contact the machine team to see how they can accommodate.
  • Some machines allow for ad hoc training by the on-duty mentor. This is contingent on: (1) Makerworks being mostly empty/mentor availability (2) Mentor qualification to train. To find out which Mentors have training qualification and expertise, please visit our mentor page.