Maker Mondays


Maker Mondays are the way for students to become users of the shop. We encourage current users to attend and meet new users, share about their projects, etc.

After attending, you are allowed to use the space and basic hand tools for projects. Additional trainings for more machines are available under Machine Specific Training

Time: Mondays 7:00-8:30pm (must arrive on time)

Note: Maker Mondays will NOT happen on institute holidays.

Please see “News and Upcoming Events” section on our homepage for Maker Monday scheduling updates

Location: 35-308

Note: You must wear shop-appropriate clothing, including closed toed shoes, in order to complete the training.

– Mentors: Meet the student mentors that run the space

– About MW: Learn how the MW runs, our approach to helping you ‘make’

– Expectations: Learn shop rules, member conduct, safety issues

– Basic safety:  We’ll go into the MW and you’ll get safety training specific to the MW