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Top questions
  1. How do I gain access to XX machine? I am a mechanical engineering student or affiliate.
  2. If I am not affiliated with ME, what options do I have for machining?
  3. This week has a Monday holiday. Will Maker Monday be held?
  4. Are you open on…?
  5. I am not available during the normal Maker Monday time slot. Are there other days/times that I can get my orientation?
  6. Can freshmen who intend to declare Course 2 use the Makerspace?
  7. As a MIT Makerworkshop member, can I bring my friend/project group/business partner in to use the MIT MakerWorkshop?
  8. Can I submit a part for the mentors to machine?
  9. What prior experience do I need to use the space?
  1. If you are not currently a MIT MakerWorkshop member, you must first attend a Maker Monday. This gives you access to the space, as well as the use of the computers and hand tools. To be able to use a specific machine, you must then sign up for machine specific training, after you have attended a Maker Monday.
  2. Unfortunately, we can only accept ME students, postdocs, faculty, and staff, students taking a project-based ME class, students working directly for ME professor,  and ProtoWorks affiliates as members at this time. However, the Edgerton Student Shop and the Hobby Shop are available for general campus use. Please see those websites for information on how to get access.
  3. When there is a Monday holiday, we follow the “Tuesday is a Monday” schedule. Therefore, Maker Mondays will be held on Tuesday of that week. If Tuesday is also a holiday, we will not be holding Maker Monday.
  4. We close for all student holidays, including spring break and winter break. See the MIT academic calendar for a list of student holidays.
  5. We will hold special non-Monday Maker Mondays at least once per semester. Tentatively this will be on registration day, but we have not yet confirmed all of the dates.
  6. Sorry,  not yet. You can join the MIT MakerLodge program for freshmen.
  7. If the space is not crowded, your teammates are welcome to come sit on the couches, use the back meeting room, or otherwise accompany you in a collaborative way. However, they may not use any of the machines unless there is an available mentor to provide direct supervision. The availability of a mentor is not guaranteed.
  8. No, we do not produce contract parts. You may wish to contact MIT’s Central Machine Shop.
  9. You do not need any prior machine experience to use the majority of the tools in MIT MakerWorkshop. Simply attend Maker Monday and the appropriate trainings, as noted in (1). The exceptions to this rule are the mill and the lathe. We require that you have taken 2.670 or a similiar, machinist-run course.
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