Machine Machine Material
 Waterjet $3/min cutting time
Laser Cutter 1/4″ Acrylic*: $4/sq ft

1/8″ Acrylic*: $3/sq ft

*available sheet sizes: 1ft x 1ft, 1ft x 2ft, 2 ft x 2ft

For use with any other materials (no PVC!), please contact for approval.  In this case, you are expected to supply your own material.

3D Printers
$0.03/gram for parts 30g or more, including support materials. Parts <30g are free.
  • The weight will be measured on a scale by the mentor on duty when you pick up the part; it will not be based on the predicted weight in software.
  • Users will be responsible for the cost of failed parts, unless the failure was caused by equipment issues.
More information can be found here.
Plotter $1/sq ft

Unless otherwise specified:

  • all machine use is free to members
  • raw materials and stock should be supplied by the user