Below is the list of our mentors with information on their training level and areas of expertise.  Check out which mentors are on staff before heading to the lab – there might be a machine guru on shift who can help with your project!

Users, please remember that:

  • Mentors are grad students who are volunteering their time to help you.  Please respect them and clean up after yourself.
  • Mentors have full authority in MIT MakerWorkshop.  If you are behaving in an unsafe manner and refuse to cooperate to correct this behavior, a mentor is obligated to stop you.  Please be safe.  Our mentors want to help you and not be forced to prevent you from working.

Training Column Key

SupervisionColor Mentor can supervise machine use

TrainingColor Mentor can train on machine

Mentor Skill Levels

Each mentor is validated based on two criteria for each machine.  The first is expertise on the machine represented in the skill (“S”) column:

  • Level 1: Has not used the machine much (not done flashlight course for mill)
  • Level 2: Has basic training and has earned badge, can do the basics required by the qualifier part (has passed flashlight equivalent and qualifier part)
  • Level 3: is a guru and has advanced skills (HSMWorks and conversational programming for the mill, complex fixturing knowhow, etc)

Second is ability on the machine represented in the training (“T”) column:

  • Level 1: is not allowed to supervise use of the machine
  • Level 2: can supervise use of the machine in the shop
  • Level 3: can teach people qualifier part for the machine (even if not on machine team)

— — —

Mentors are scheduled and organized through When I Work!